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Agricultural Corporation

BellaBellFram Co.,Ltd

BellaBellFram is a premium pet healthcare brand that utilizes various clean ingredients from Jeju to provide a better life for pets. ‘Bellabel’ means ‘various and different from the usual’ in Jeju dialect.

Agricultural Corporation

We are an agricultural startup that utilizes non-commercial agricultural and forest products. We are engaged in various businesses related to agriculture such as technology transfer from the Rural Development Administration and 6th business certification. We have created a smart farm in Yongsu-ri, Hangeong-myeon, Jeju City to produce medicinal herbs directly.

Social Enterprise

BellaBellFram is a pet bio company that researches pet health with professional researchers. We use domestic ingredients by collaborating with small farmers and haenyeo and use some of the profits for animal welfare.

Women’s Enterprise

It is a company founded by a rare female entrepreneur among pet manufacturing companies and is currently writing a new history in the field of women’s invention through women’s enterprise certification.


A pet bio company that realizes food tech and biotech through patented technology based on the functional characteristics of herbs that says most animals that cannot say they are sick tend to get sick and go to the hospital after getting sick. We are developing and releasing products steadily through support programs such as the Small and Medium Business Venture Department of Korea, Jeju Techno Park, and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

from halla

We are researching pet healthcare products that utilize clean ingredients from the pure island of Jeju and herbs from Hallasan.